Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

I’ve heard that 81% of people want to write a book – but only 3% of them actually do it.

If you’re reading this, my guess is you’re one of the “doers.” You’ve written – or, are in the process of writing – that book. But you’re not sure what’s next.

Should you submit your finished manuscript to agents and publishers – or should you self-publish it?

First, a look at traditional publishing. It’s harder than ever to land a book contract these days. Not only does your book have to stand out in a sea of millions, but you need to already have built up an audience for it! So it could take a year to find a publisher – and then another year to actually see your book in stores. And the rejection letters are enough to discourage just about anyone!

But let’s say you are one of the lucky ones – you land that coveted book contract. You’d get an advance and royalties. You’d have someone “holding your hand” through the whole process of publication, so you never feel like you’re on the journey alone. And, of course, you’d have the prestige that comes with being a “published” author.

Of course, there are some drawbacks. Traditional publishers buy the rights to your manuscript – which means they call ALL the shots. You would have little to no say on the cover image… the price… when your book is released… when it’s taken out of print… whatever. And they expect you to do most of your own marketing.

But there’s another way. One that gives you FULL control of everything pertaining to your book…

You could self-publish your novel.

As an “indie publisher,” you would decide on your cover image, price and marketing. Plus, you would receive a 60% to 70% royalty – instead of the paltry 6% to 25% royalty offered by traditional publishers.

I don’t know about you, but I like that!

Of course, there’s no “advance.” And all expenses would be yours alone to bear. (It takes about $1,500 to publish your first book.) Plus, it would be harder for you to get into libraries and brick-and-mortar bookstores.

Harder, but NOT impossible!

Despite all that, if you think self-publishing may be for you, I encourage you to sign up to join me as I indie-publish my first book. I’m starting from scratch – and I’m sure I’ll make mistakes. But you can follow me during this “experiment” and see for yourself what works – and what doesn’t.

And that will make your path to being a self-published author that much easier!


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