The Writer’s Dream

Cover_Fixed_SmallMy name is Deanna Blanchard. I’m blessed to make my living as a writer – a direct response copywriter.

But, somehow, it’s not enough.

You see… I’ve always wanted to write books. That passion drove me to work nights and weekends on and off for over 10 years to finally create my first middle-grade novel.

It’s called The Out-of-this-World Adventures of Tim Hunter – The Mirror of Doom by Bailey Baxter. (Yeah, I’m using a pen name.)

That’s the cover right there. Nice, huh? The illustrator, LaSablonnière, did an amazing job. It’s not his real name, either. (I should know… he’s my brother!) But if you’d like to consider him for your book cover or illustrations, head on over to Bubtown Studios and check out his work.

Yes, that was a free plug. (You owe me, bro!)

Okay, now what was I saying…?

Oh yeah… I have a fun, cool, fantasy-adventure story for kids. I have a rockin’ cover. All that’s left is getting it published.

I chose the un-traditional “indie” route for 4 reasons:

  • I worked hard on my book and wanted to maintain control over my content, illustrations and marketing.
  • I want to keep as many royalties for myself as possible. Yes, that sounds greedy. But I was the one who put blood, sweat and tears into my book. To think of some organization keeping a lion’s share of the profits after I worked so hard makes me ill. (I’ll write more about royalties in a later post.)
  • I have experience in marketing, so I’m looking forward to the pre-launch and launch process for my books – as well as maintaining sales over the long haul.
  • Others have done it successfully. Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt are ex-copywriters who have their own indie empire. And Nick Stephenson hit 7-figures with his self-published “Leopold Blake Thriller” series. So why not me?

Why not you, too?

As I proceed with my self-publishing experiment, I will blog every step of the way. I will show you what works – and what doesn’t.

So, if you’re even considering self-publishing a book, sign up to stay on top of my blog posts. And let’s figure out this self-publishing thing together.


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